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Luckily, the episode didn't waste too much time on Leonard and Penny's latest relationship crisis.

Meanwhile, Penny feels insecure when she learns Alex was hitting on Leonard. Sheldon: Well, a short bespectacled colleague of mine who lives in the shadow of his brilliant roommate. Sheldon: Well, I must say, Leonard, when I first heard your idea for Giant Jenga, I was skeptical. And while that sounds like a recipe for laugh-free disaster, the writers quickly took things in a much different and more comedically fruitful direction.The crux of the conflict this week wasn't so much the perpetual problems between Leonard and Penny, but Sheldon's utter lack of tact and understanding of the opposite gender. I found this quiz online called "Which Star Trek Character Are You? There's string cheese in my mini-fridge, and that's for anyone. I mean, she has a front-row seat as I make scientific history. Sheldon: Well, you, Im just saying, you know, at a certain point in a woman's menstrual cycle... Oh, and at the office Christmas party, I heard Rajesh Koothrappali refer to you several times as Brown Sugar.

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