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Years of practice." "I can tell." She stuffed her mouth full of food before preparing to talk. I tried my absolute hardest not to look, but occasionally, I would glance at her nipples poking through her tshirt. I still wasn't sure how our tenure as roommates would turn out. I had already envisioned myself being able to sit back on the couch to watch tv or play video games. It probably would have been best if I slammed the door so Ellary could hear me and stop whatever she was doing. Ellary wore the same large tshirt she wore in the morning. Her knees were on the chair and her ass was facing the computer's webcam.

The roommate thing went a lot smoother than I expected. Most of the time it was painfully obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. On the computer screen, there was a video feed of some guy jerking off to my sister.

I want us to be open & honest with each other." I shrugged.

I never thought you would ever do something like that." "It's not like I'm sleeping with anyone for money.

Plus I get to work my own hours." "How long have you been doing this? " "Of course not." "And you're not going to tell mom and dad right?

I was hoping that someone wanted to move to the city and was willing to pay me several hundred dollars for my extra bedroom. Some people were interested, but nothing ever came of it. "I had been thinking about moving back to San Francisco for the past few months. And I expect a fair deal." "Don't worry, I'll give you a fair deal." "Good, because a fair deal is all I can afford right now." The issue of money suddenly came to mind. "So I'll need a few hundred dollars from you each month." "That can be done." "At least 0. That's the best deal I can give you." "Sure, no problem." "Do you have a job? "Something like that." "Don't take this the wrong way, but if you don't have enough money, I'll have to kick you out. Plates were already arranged along with freshly sliced fruits.

Watching my sister masturbate on cam was something that could never been unseen. Then she put it on the table before standing there awkwardly in a pause.

It was the worst possible way to spend my afternoon off. So all of this is for you." "Oh, well, thanks." She put the food onto a plate when she was done. Ellary sat straight with a formal demeanor, as if she was prepared to do a presentation or something.

Or maybe she was using it to talk with her friends also. Every morning I woke up to the same sight: Ellary in a tshirt, her legs showing, her hair tied. She kept repeating the fact that she was close to an orgasm, and that it felt so good.

"Anyway, if you get the package when I'm not around, just leave it in my room." "Will do." *** It was a week later that I learned what her package was. She also got new speakers and other stuff which I was clueless about. But I naturally assumed that she needed it to communicate with people in the fashion industry since she was home all the time. Our parents thought it was great that we were living together as adults. Whatever the reason, I was treated to my sister's cooking everyday. Plus I saved a lot of money with my sister cooking. As much as it hurts to admit, she always looked sexy making breakfast. When my eyes shifted back to my sister, she was looking back at me, and our eyes were locked.

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