Fake profile dating sites

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Romance scammers are trying to sell a dream as fast as possible.As such they are putting a lot of effort into making sure that their “offering” is as perfect as it can be, for their target prey.

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Most dating sites ask users to set the age range a potential partner should fall into. In many cases their choice will be 18-99, but if they do pick a preference it will generally be 10 or 20 years older than their own claimed age.You should still be wary of photos that look a bit too professional, but increasingly scammers will make use of stolen photos of real people.This activity has been made possible by the rise of social media where people share a wealth of picture material featuring themselves and their lives.Another curious recurring scam marker is that male profiles often will often mention their salt and pepper hair.A term that few genuine men would probably use to describe themselves, but a characteristic that is generally agreed to be attractive.

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