Consolidating data using datamarts

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Many business implement their data warehouse infrastructure without the benefit of a systems-wide architecture.Other businesses implement portions of their data warehouse piece-meal over time for one reason or another.Attunity relieves these data mart pain points with technologies that automate data mart design, build, management, and operation from end-to-end, while putting data architects and analysts in the driver's seat and minimizing reliance on resource-constrained ETL developers and database administrators.Attunity is a leading maker of next-generation data integration software and data warehouse automation software, serving more than 2000 customers worldwide and half the Fortune 100.Working seamlessly together with Attunity Replicate, Attunity Compose simplifies and expedites data warehouse and data mart design and creation.Attunity's approach to DWH automation can be data-driven or model-driven, enabling teams to create their own data warehouse model by profiling source systems and using an intuitive design GUI, or importing existing data models.You can consolidate ACM data from the data marts of multiple systems into one location, which enables you to compare system performance and availability across your organization.Each deployment still retains its own data mart, but the federated data mart enables you to analyze data across deployments.

Once designed, Attunity Compose automatically generates the ETL code appropriate to the combination of source data structures, warehouse design model, and warehouse platform (such as AWS Redshift ETL code, for example), and automatically builds the data mart and loads source data.Integrated data also has a "multiplier" effect that allows end users to ask more complicated questions of their data.A data mart is a structured data repository purpose-built to support the analytical needs of a particular line of business, department, or geographic region within an enterprise.As a result, your business teams receive the data they need for analysis and decision-making faster, in an environment that is much easier to keep up-to-date with constant business-driven change.Data warehouse automation is a win for IT and a win for the business!

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