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I definitely enjoy all seasons of Buffy, but this one opens doors for the final 3 seasons to come.

I think this is the first season where Joss Whedon took a step back and let some other writers and directors take the reigns.

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But, I hasten to say to Steve Allen and the Parents Television Council, good witches, witches who help people.

His transformation into an anti-hero who killed demons (and vampires and other nocturnal threats) was easily the most amusing part of the episode.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of my favorite actresses because of how well she pulls of Buffy Summers.

Spike is transformed from being a blood-sucking killer of humans into a vampire who’s incapable of biting (or even hitting) humans.

And although it sounds cliché, Willow (who had seemed to be very heterosexual in seasons 1-3) transitions into a lesbian relationship during her first year in college.

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